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Do your envelopes look like this? Then you need An EZ Envelope!

Handwritten Envelope

All New Version EZE NB 1.3

Sorry! Only available for Windows 7 +

I have changed Development tools so I have completely re-written An Ez Envelope Addressing Software to assure improvements can be made well into the future.

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Hand Addressing Envelopes is a thing of the past.

Writing a person's address on an envelope may be faster, but does it look the way you want it to.
Use An Ez Envelope NB Software to make it look good !

Includes Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)

You can include IMb Barcode above the address on your envelopes.

Save Time

Why wait for a large program like Microsoft Word or Wordperfect or OpenOffice Writer to print an envelope when you can do this task faster, easier with An EZ Envelope Software

Store Thousands of Addresses

The software consists of 2 main databases files
1) mailing addresses (recipients)
2) return addresses (your addresses)

Other information is kept in Messages and Category file Space is only limited by your hard drive.

Repeat Printing is Easy

Printing envelope to the same people or companies is easy. Once entered, just select Return and Forwarding Address and print (after inserting the envelope in your printer).

Vary your Return Address

Each member of the family can use their own return address. My wife and I use variations such as ME only, HER only or HER and I.

Use a Logo or Graphic

Use can use a Company Logo (Gif,Jpg,Jpeg,PNG,BMP files) to print next to your Return Address. Ideal for Home Based Businesses. Or, use graphics like butterflies or flags or seasonal graphics printed next to the Return Address.

Add Special Messages

You have the option to print a message such as 'Open Immediately !', 'Urgent!', 'For your eyes only', 'Happy Birthday', 'Happy Anniversary' and so on.

Easy Backup

Backup to computer,USB or external drive with simple routine.

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