Version EZE 1.3 NB

  • Changed Address format on DL for Australia use.
  • Added: Export "To Addresses" to CSV file format for use by other programs.

Version EZE 1.2 NB

  • Added DL size envelope for our friends in Australia and other countries using DL Size envelopes.
  • Corrected flaw in choosing different envelope sizes.

Version EZE 1.1 NB

Added ability to include Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb) in USA for mailing. Create the code using Free Software. See Resources Page. Save as a graphic and include in Forwarding Table for printing.

Version EZE 1.0 NB Details

As of this Version, An Ez Envelope NB software has been re-written using new development tools. Neosoft's Neobook and NeobookDbPro database is the heart of the tools.


The main screen consists of a Menu at the top to navigate other parts of the program.
The screen has two main sections. Left side section is the Return Addresses with Logo. Right side section is the Forwarding Addresses with Category option and Notes option.

Thanks to the feedback from customers in the past I have corrected formatting of addresses. Things have changed. I was brought up to put a comma between City and Province/State. But I guess that has changed so I have removed the commas. If you want to have a comma between City and Province/State just put a comma after the city.

The most popular types of envelope sizes can be chosen before printing on the envelope. You have the option to print with or without a logo.

The default envelope is the current record/address showing on the right side. You have the option to print more than one envelope at a time by using Category and Filter options. Perhaps you have a Category 'Cousins' then choose this Category for each of the cousines. When ready to print an envelope for the 'cousins' the filter on this category. A Print Previews will allow you to decide if you are going to print the expected envelopes or not.


Perhaps printing alot of envelopes on your printer is not desired, then you can print Forwarding Address Labels as well as a set of Return Addresses to be used on envelopes.


You have the choice to add a message to the outside of the envelope at the bottom left side. You create these different messages using the Menu/Edits option.


Categories are created using the Menu / Edits option. Then when you add a new address you can select the category you wish this address to belong to.

Backup Database

Easy backup routine to same computer, USB drive or external drive.


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